Rycon Companies is a heavy civil contractor established in 2017.  We are family owned and based out of Phoenix, AZ.  

God is building a multigenerational company founded in faith and guided by His will.


Mass Grading / Excavation

Projects from 1-50 acres

Underground Wet Utilities

Water & Sewer Mains

Storm Drains

Underground Dry Utilities

Communication Conduit

Electrical Primary / Service Conduit

Gas Sleeving

Full-Service Project

For projects greater than 100 acres that need all infrastructure, including concrete and asphalt


Josh Campbell is the President of Rycon Companies.  He has developed a superior level of business understanding, coordination, and leadership.  He prides himself on establishing an exceptional rapport with each client he works with.  His collaborative attitude throughout every project has given him an amazing reputation across the professional network.

Rycon Companies possesses combined over 50 years of construction experience, specializing in excavating, mass grading, site preparation and underground wet/dry utilities.


Collaboratively Building through thoughtful processes to complete every project on time and on budget


Rycon Companies

13020 N. 77th Ave

Peoria, AZ 85381